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Discover the Global Smart OOH

The smarter way to manage and
optimize your OOH campaigns.

More than 2.125.000 geolocalized faces.

Discover TriggerONE®

The Key to OOH in more than 15.000 cities WorldWide

TriggerONE®, our flagship service, displays more than 20.000 networks.

An equivalent of 2.125.000 faces available in more than 37 countries, most of them geolocalized and visible on Microsoft Bing®.

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The Trigger's consultant team guides you through the whole process of planning a new campaign.

Trigger consultants are focused on managing a pro-active relationship with our clients and our experienced sales staff and high level consultants are there at all times to help build a campaign or respond to any query anywhere in the world.


This in-depth knowledge of the sector has given a tremendous advantage in dealing with major worldwide contractors as well as local players. More than 220 contractors has given access to their inventory in 35 countries. We update constantly.


Trigger Networks is led by a strong team whose professional ties extend back over 30 years within the Out-Of-Home media industry. We are constantly searching for something new that will make a difference.


Fast reactivity is a key part of our service, and submitted campaigns are responded to within 24 hours.
Using our well integrated technology, our team works together to provide services that are smart, seamless and secure.


Year to date, we have completed more than 450 campaigns for direct clients as well as Premium media agencies worldwide. Our clients enjoy the full benefit of a global and fully homogenized information and maps. It is our commitment to stay at the forefront of technology that make our job an inspiring place.

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The OOH online management that fits your needs

  • Caro Vincent, 10 anni sono un traguardo importante! penso di essere stato uno dei primi a vedere il progetto della piattaforma Trigger Media.

    Eda subito avevo capito che l' idea era innovativa ma soprattutto democratica e indipendente da tutto e da tutti. In questi anni di lavoro insieme ho potuto apprezzare la professionalità e la qualità del servizio offerto dalla struttura. A questo punto non mi resta che chiudere con un sincero e affettuoso "Buon Compleanno TRIGGER"

    Giorgio Azzali
  • Giorgio Azzali
  • Desear un muy FELIZ 10º ANIVERSARIO a Trigger Networks, sin dudas, resultado de 10 años de trabajo hecho con entusiasmo, seriedad, ganas de ayudar y honestidad. ¡Algo dificil de encontrar en estos tiempos! Felicidades Vincent y equipo y a por otros 10 años más…

    Beatriz d´Antin - Ex Head of International Havas Spain
  • The possibility to receive real time simulation in less than two hours while planning my campaign is amazing. The reactivity of Trigger's team using their tool TriggerONE® is astonishing. Thanks for your efficiency :-)

    Ludovic Bernart - Chief Marketing Manager

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Global Smart OOH
OOH media campaigns strengthened with business intelligence.

Our expertise is to handle OOH contractor information combined with external databases such as, Audience Data, POI/POS via Bing ® or Google ®, Google street view ®, Google API ® and Client customer intelligence. TriggerONE® is the web platform that we developed to access these databases to optimize and add value to your campaigns.

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